African Violet & Gesneriad Society of Syracuse


African Violet & Gesneriad Society of Syracuse

Newsletter March 2019

The meeting will be held on March 14th at 7 pm in Pitcher Hill Community Church, 605 Bailey Rd., North Syracuse. Guests are always welcomed.

Greeter – Donna Coleman

Refreshments – Susan Polito, Jerry and Sue Finger 

Our program will be presented by Paul Kroll, an award winning designer and a winning plant grower. He always brings some interesting topics to the meeting so let’s show him a great show of people. 

Happy Birthday to Mason Brown on the 10th and jerry Finger our auction extraordinary auctioneer on the 28th, cheers!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Do not forget our show in April, hope all is growing something to enter, the show schedule is with this newsletter so you have the time to reflect on your many entries. If you have never done a design think about giving it the old college try, it is not that hard. Another thing to think about is if you would want to make a monetary donation for the show awards. See Ann Kelly to make your donation in March.

Their will be sign up sheets for the sales booth and hospitality, the early bird gets the best places. 

In this newsletter there is a sheet called Preparation Schedule for Show, Growing to Show vs. Marie Burns, might be helpful even it is a month later. 

Some facts about the Gesneriad society, the first clubs took root in 1952 in California, from that it went to Chicago then to Kansas City where clubs took root. By 1968 there were about a dozen chapters of the American Gloxinia and Gesneriad Society. By 1986 there were 42 chapters and in 1996 a chapter was formed in Sweden and is currently the largest chapter.

Take a look at the AVSA YouTube Channel!!

This fairly new resource from the African Violet Society of America helps those who are more visual -- those who don't enjoy a thousand words when one video could make it simple. Currently the AVSA YouTube Channel features: * Videos on repotting techniques, grooming, and pests * Interviews with historical figures and events in AVSA's past * Reviews of Design Section exhibits