African Violet & Gesneriad Society of Syracuse

President's Message

President’s Message for February 2014


From those I have heard from, the idea of our banquet at the church was well received so we will be doing this in June.  The club will pay for the ham but someone will have to warm it. 
Since we have missed 2 meetings, there will be much to cover at the March meeting.  Ann has the show well under control and has show schedules and a list of duties for everyone.  She attended the Watson Greenhouse open house and was able to advertise our club and the show.  Thank you so much Ann.  The open house was well attended so we got some free advertisement. 
Thank you so much for the club's donation to the American Legion Post 881. This means so much to me.
I have talked with Linda about the Dickman Greenhouse open house which is April 12th & 13th and we feel since it did not do that well last year, Linda will just sell her plants and advertise our show and club with handouts so we do not have a money output for plants.  The main purpose of being there is to get word out about our show so we can do this without risking being stuck with plants.  Linda will also be on the Laura Hand TV program to advertise the show the week before the show.
Linda is going to give out our project plants for next year at the June Awards Banquet.  It is a Hart trailer.
Barbara and her nominating committee have advised me that they have a slate of officers ready to present at the April meeting.  We will take nominations from the floor as well at that meeting. 
Happy Birthday wishes to all those who had Jan. & Feb. birthdays and to Charlie Rowe who celebrates his birthday on March 16th.